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The Cavern of Sadness

cavern of sadness

This is actually one of the better looking ducts. 

The Chimney has Specific Taste in Beverages




Laundry Pit Discoveries


Awesome Habitat volunteers came and took the old washer and dryer.  Room looks so much better bigger now.



Found Big Bird.  Here he is, doing Big Bird stuff, which apparently mostly consists of hiding under a dryer for a few decades.

The volunteers carefully shut off the water hose that was connected to the washer.


This in no way, shape, or form needs to be fixed.  Should last at least a hundred years.


A little water was left in the hose, but no big deal–the laundry pit is equipped with a drain.  Except when I came back the next day, there was a lot of water on the floor with a floor drain.  I figured something was clogging the drain, so I pulled off the drain cover.



Because a floor drain in a laundry room is the perfect place to pour your leftover concrete.