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How many weeks does it take to change a light bulb?

Step 1: Remove old bulb to determine what kind of replacement to purchase

Step 2: Purchase replacement bulb

Step 4: Check state squatter laws


Step 5: Move all usual front porch activities to back patio

Step 6: Wait


Step 7: Wait


Step 8: Remove empty nest and replace bulb


The End of the Hiatus

Why hasn’t any new content been posted in about a year?

I’ll blame the troll we found sealed in the crawlspace.


Just a few cobwebs

Abandon all hope, ye who got stuck here when this window was last closed.

Closing Day

Step 1: Attend closing

Step 2: Receive staggering amount of keys for a house that only has two doors

Step 3: Promptly lose the only clearly labeled set