Garage Window

The Garage

I’m not actually sure this is an improvement.

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3 responses to “Garage Window”

  1. susan tohn says :

    Hey Rachel-We think you might be overdoing it! Make sure to pace yourself. Love the landscaping. Dehumidifiers are great when directly hosed into a sink-no emptying involved. love you and still waiting for painting day.
    Susan and Jordan

  2. Lynne Fryling says :

    Hi Rachel and Jesse,

    You sure have a lot to do, but I think you were smart to see beyond that. So many people don’t want to do anything when they buy a house..but that’s the best part – making a house your own. As for the garage window sill, hang a window box under it and the flowers will obscure the broken sill. If you want any perennials, I am always transplanting something (hostas, day lilies, black-eyes susans, violets)…just let me know.

    Lynne Fryling

    • thelaundrypit says :

      That’s a wonderful idea! I figured it was just something we’d have to live with or try to fix–covering it up with flowers will work so much better! And thank you for the offer of flowers–we just had the bushes taken down, so we can finally start putting in some plants of our own. I will for sure let you know.

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